"Globetrotting Design" General Conditions of Service
I. General arrangements

1. In the context of these General Conditions of Service, the term user / users means internet users who have registered on the www.globetrottingdesign.com website for the purpose of accessing the "Globetrotting Design" service (referred to below as the "Service").
2. The Service is governed by these General Conditions of Service (referred to below as "General Conditions"), which the User accepts when making use of the Service.
3. A-Marks Factory Srl, whose registered office is at No. 1 Via P. Castaldi, Treviso, (referred to below as "A-MARKS"), is the sole legitimate owner of the Service, the associated software and all relevant exploitation rights.
4. A-MARKS may make changes to the General Conditions, unilaterally and at any time, by means of on-line announcements. In this event, A-MARKS will bring all changes to the User's attention with messages on the home page of the Service, so that they can be seen by the User before accessing the Service. By subsequently using the Service, the User will be held to have accepted the General Conditions as altered or updated.
5. The User takes full responsibility for use of the Service. A-MARKS offers no guarantees regarding: i) the availability of the Service; ii) the accuracy and reliability of information contained in the Service; iii) nor does it offer any guarantees regarding results obtained by using the Service. The User also takes all responsibility for any damage caused to the User's computer system as a result of using the Service.
6. When using the Service, the User may be contacted by A-MARKS, for and on behalf of third parties interested in the User's profile; as a corollary of this and subject to the information made public by the User when subscribing to the Service, the User may also receive publicity material from third parties; A-MARKS has no control over the content and origin of this and takes no responsibility for it.
7. A-MARKS reserves the right to alter, suspend or interrupt the Service, in whole or in part, without warning.
8. A-MARKS offers no guarantees whatsoever regarding: i) Users' identity, legal capacity, seriousness of intent or other characteristics ii) the quality and legitimacy of the data provided by Users when subscribing to the Service, iii) the authenticity and accuracy of any information supplied in connection with the Service. A-MARKS encourages Users to pay appropriate attention to evaluating data and information issued by other Users.
II. Rules for publishing and consulting User profiles
9. A-MARKS is not responsible for the origin or authenticity of data obtained at the time of each individual registration, nor for its content or the actual authenticity of what is published on line; these responsibilities remain exclusively with Users who have requested publication of their personal details. The search for information using the Service and the viewing of profiles is carried out using automated procedures and A-MARKS therefore declines all responsibility as regards content, accuracy, authenticity and compliance with the rules contained in the General Conditions. Despite the express ban on unacceptable or adult material set out in the General Conditions, the automated search procedure may result in display of information of this nature, for which A-MARKS declines all responsibility.
10. Users may, however, report any profiles that do not respect the rules set out in the General Conditions by sending an e-mail to contact@a-marksfactory.it.
11. Use of the Service is strictly personal and must be in accordance with the terms of the General Conditions. The User acknowledges that the entire content of the Service - including but not limited to text, software, music, sound, photographs, video, graphics etc. - is protected by author's rights, trademarks, service marks, patents or other owners' rights and by specific legislation. The User has the right to use the Service content only as expressly authorized by the Service. The User may not publish or reproduce the Service content in any way or put it to a use other than one authorized by the Service, except where explicitly authorized by the Service or by A-MARKS. The User agrees not to reverse-assemble or undertake any analysis of the Service software for any reason or allow any third party to do so.
III. Rules for registering with the Service
12. Access to the Service is only permitted by using a User ID and password. Users must choose their own User ID, one that has not previously been assigned at the time of the registration request, using the online registration procedure. At the end of the registration procedure, a User ID and a personal password are assigned to the User.
13. The User ID and password are strictly personal and may only be used, in accordance with the terms of the General Conditions, by the registered User. The User undertakes to guard them carefully and keep them secret. In the event of theft of the User ID and / or password, the User undertakes to report it to A-MARKS as quickly as possible by sending an e-mail to contact@a-marksfactory.it. A-MARKS declines any responsibility for the illegitimate or improper user of the User ID and / or password and any resulting damage incurred by the User and / or third parties. A-MARKS reserves the right, however, to take legal action to protects its rights in this respect.
14. The User must provide A-MARKS with the personal information required by the Service and also undertake to keep it updated and ensure it is correct, complete and accurate. All the information provided with the original registration request will be included in the registration data (referred to below as "Registration Data”). All the User's registration data will be handled and used by A-MARKS in compliance with the confidentiality and security regulations set out in legislation, as described in the "Informative Notice in Accordance with the Personal Data Protection Code".
15. The User undertakes not to disrupt the Service in any way, directly or via third parties.
16. A-MARKS is not answerable in any way for damage caused to the User or to third parties.
17. The User also undertakes not to use the Service to publish, broadcast or exchange material that is illicit, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, defamatory, offensive to common decency or in any way detrimental to the rights of others or messages that incite hatred and racial or religious discrimination. In addition, the User undertakes not to use the Service in such a way as to infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to A-MARKS or to third parties.
18. The User agrees and undertakes to observe all the regulations, directions and network procedures connected with the Service as well as those associated with the Internet.
19. The User acknowledges and accepts that use of the Service is currently reserved either for private individuals or for those using it for purposes connected with any professional activity they may undertake.
20. In the event of a User breaching one of the obligations described above or should the User's conduct not be consistent with that set out above, A-MARKS reserves the right to suspend and / or interrupt the Service, as well as to refuse any or every future request by the User for use of the Service. A-MARKS, however, reserves the right to initiate appropriate legal proceedings, whether civil or criminal, to protect its rights and those of third parties.
21. The User may discontinue use of the Service and withdraw from the agreement at any time, simply by sending a message by e-mail to contact@a-marksfactory.it, confirmed by fax to +39 0422 1782331. The User's right to use the Service will cease immediately on receipt of the message.
22. A-MARKS reserves the right to cancel or revoke a User ID assigned to a User, without incurring any responsibility, duty or liability for compensation at A-MARKS's expense.
23. Also, in the case where A-MARKS provides a service for payment, the User will be exclusively responsible for the content and / or information to be published and, in particular, purely by way of example, for every text, logo, trademark, design or other information included. The User affirms and guarantees that: a) the User owns all the required rights and, in particular, any concerned with intellectual property and with privacy, necessary to permit the legitimate publication of the Content; b) the content will not be in any way defamatory, offensive to public decency and standards and / or in breach of legislation.
The User also indemnifies and holds A-MARKS harmless against any proceedings and / or request for compensation that may be brought against A-MARKS in relation to the content. A-MARKS will not in any event be responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from or connected with the execution of the agreement, including by way of example, damages for interruption to the service or for loss of information and data. Even in the case of a Service for payment, A-MARKS provides no guarantee whatever regarding products offered within the compass of its own internet sites and their suitability for the business objectives that the User plans to achieve and, in particular, i) that the operation will proceed without interruption and free of error, ii) that any defects in the system or the service will be speedily corrected. Although A-MARKS will use its best endeavors with its technical resources, it does not guarantee that its web pages will be permanently online.
24. The relationship between A-MARKS and Users is governed by the law of Italy and these General Conditions should be interpreted on that basis. Except where covered by binding legal provisions, the Court of Treviso will be the sole authority competent to settle any dispute regarding these General Conditions and the relationships governed by them.